Welcome to the official webpage of the FOI unit of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The FOI unit is saddled with the responsibility of providing information to the public upon application for same regarding the Commission and its activities. Interested members of the public have access to records and information regarding the day to day activities of the Commission. Final records, conclusive data, decisions, determinations which are of value to any individual are available upon request.

In line with section 2 of the FOI 2011 Act, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is also ensuring that proper records and information about all activities, operations and businesses of the commission are being kept by the office.

Members of the public are however to note the exemptions provided for by Act.

According to section 12(1) of the FOI 2011 Act, a public institution may deny an application for any information which contains- 

(a)Records compiled by any public institution for administrative enforcement proceedings and by any law enforcement or correctional agency for law enforcement purposes or for internal matters of a public institution, but only to the extent that disclosure would- 

(i)interfere with pending or actual and reasonably contemplated law enforcement proceedings conducted by any law enforcement or correctional agency,

(ii)interfere with pending administrative enforcement proceedings conducted by any public institution, 

(iii)deprive a person of a fair trial or an impartial hearing,

(iv)unavoidably disclose the identity of a confidential source,

(v)constitute an invasion of personal privacy under Section 15 of this Act, except, where the interest of the public would be better served by having such record being made available, this exemption to disclosure shall not apply, and 

(vi)obstruct an ongoing criminal investigation 


1. To view the entire FOI 2011 Act, please Click here 

2. Report made in compliance with section 29 Click Here


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All correspondences to the FOI Unit should be addressed to the Executive Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.