The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has reiterated the importance of collaboration in the fight against economic and financial crimes. The Kaduna Zonal Head of the Commission, Harry Erin stated this on Thursday, June 3, 2021 when a coalition of Civil Society Organization paid him a courtesy visit.

Erin appreciated the CSOs for their support over the years and urged them to continue to assist the Commission in educating their communities as indispensable stakeholders. “The Civil Society Organisations are indispensable stakeholders in any society that wants to fight crime and the EFCC cannot do everything alone. The CSOs mirrors what goes on in the society especially at the grassroots level. Therefore, there is need for the CSOs to help in educating and re-educating the people at the community level on the ills of corruption,” he said.

On his part, Executive Director of Aid Foundation and the Coordinator of the CSOs in Kaduna, Emmanuel Bonet appreciated the EFCC for its endless support and partnership.

He called on the EFCC to create a platform that people can use to promote integrity at the community level which according to him “is the only way people will be able to hold government accountable.”

He further promised that civil society organizations will be willing to partner with the EFCC to educate the people more which according to him “not too many people know or understand what needs to be done to help in the fight against corruption in their communities.”


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3 June, 2021