The Kano Zonal Commander of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Assistant Commander of the EFCC, ACE Farouq Dogondaji has charged students across the country to steer clear of cybercrimes and related offences.

He gave the charge on Thursday, March 17, 2022, when students of Prime College, Kano came on an Excursion to the Kano Zonal Command of the EFCC. According to him, peer pressure and bad influences are responsible for indulgence of youths in cybercrimes and students should always choose their friends wisely and carefully.

“When you get admitted into the university, you are bound to meet people with different backgrounds, when you do, try to be careful with peer advice because one of the reasons why youth engage in cybercrime, is peer advice. When you meet some people who will be telling you that you don’t need to depend on your parents, and tell you to start doing like big boys, they will eventually lure you into the activities of these cyber criminals.” he said.

Dogondaji further urged them to embrace hard work and avoid temptation and never resort to crime in order to make money “because in the end, you will be caught and your future will be affected by the outcome of the crime".

In urging them to educate their parents about what they learnt at the EFCC, the EFCC commander implored the students to tell their loved ones to keep their personal banking details to themselves, so as not to fall victims of illegal withdrawals which is on the rise nowadays.

The students were later taken around the EFCC Sections and facilities



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18 March, 2022