An individual, government or private organization within and outside the shores of Nigeria may petition where reasonable grounds exist for suspect that there is an attempt to commit or an offence has been committed under the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Establishment Act, 2004.

The following are guidelines of submitting petition:
1. Petition can be made through written report and submitted to the Headquarters or Commands closest to you.

2. Reports can also be made online through the Commission’s email: [email protected]

3. Reports and Complaints can also be sent to the Commission through the Eagle Eye App. The App can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

4. Similarly, the Commission can also be reached through the social media platforms-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all sharing the same address: @officialefcc

5. A complaint made by an illiterate shall be reduced into writing and read over to the complainant by an officer of the Commission.

6. The report may set out relevant details in the petition, name, address, date, phone number, email, time and place where the offence was allegedly committed.